About Sherod

My passion for therapy is often recognized by my clients. I strongly believe that we’re the masters of our own minds, and with the right guidance, we can overcome and become anything. Allow me the opportunity to help you create a better you, so you’re able to live a “Life with Ease”.

After overcoming my own obstacles in life, I decided to explore my own passion, so I could make alternate decisions, which would allow me to make a difference by helping others through therapy and case management, whether for children or families. My experience and training focuses on addressing concerns with young adolescents, with anger management, self-injurious behaviors, parent child conflict, relational conflicts with blended families, as well as many other issues that serve as stress areas within our daily lives. In my practice, I facilitate individuals, groups, and family therapy sessions covering various mental health topics including at risk youth, suicidal, depression, grief, sexual abuse, divorce, marriage, family, and more.

Born in Houston, Texas, I obtained Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, from the University of Houston and then achieved my Master’s of Arts degree in Counseling. I went on to complete my State Board License in Psychotherapy LPC-Intern, Supervised by Brandelyn Williams, LPC-S, NCC.

For all the patients I’ve worked with, thank you for showing me the true tenacity of the human spirit. Most people go to work to endure a soul-crushing eight-hour day staring at a computer screen. I get to go to work to witness the genuine strength that lies within each and every human being who walks this earth. Every hour with each of you throughout the day shows me that we triumph and warrior on, throughout the most punishing and painful parts of this journey called life.